We deliver excellent quality and professional services on time and at a fair price.

Understanding our customers’ needs, we have created an integrated business model, from actual production, to logistics, sales, assembly and service activities.

In order to meet the most demanding needs of our customers and business partners, we offer advisory services in choosing the ideal thermal insulating joinery products, transportation, installation and adjustment made by specialised teams, as well as guaranteed warranty.


Due to the vast field and the speed with which new products and technologies emerge, we have created a system of advice and support services, which provides our clients with advice in choosing the best technical solutions.

Whether it’s insulating joinery for your home, PVC, aluminium or wood or other additional products included in our portfolio (doors, fly screens, blinds, rolls, windowsills), etc., VitraQ specialists are at your disposal.

We have a network of trading partners and several points of sale at regional level. Thus, we ensure that we deliver the best value to our customers on time.


To simplify the process of purchasing insulating joinery, VitraQ ensures transport of your desired products to the regional areas covered.

We have logistical capabilities and a fleet, ready to ensure delivery of the desired products to you within the agreed deadlines.


Besides the quality of the products, one of the most important chains of our activity is the assembly activity, this being an added value offered to our customers.

The excellent quality promised by VitraQ to end customers and business partners is materialised by the high standard of support services both during the sales period and after the completion of this process.

Being aware of the importance of the quality of this service, we invest permanently in the training and improvement of the employees in this field.


We provide service for products purchased both during the warranty period and during the post-warranty period, during the average service life of the products, which reaches up to 25 years.

Throughout this period, our customers’ requests are directed to a specialised department, which ensures that they are resolved within the shortest possible time.


Among the benefits of VitraQ services is the very easy maintenance of the products.

The category of the maintenance process also includes the periodic adjustment services, which we offer to all our consumers, when these services are requested.

At VitraQ, we build not only high-performance products but also sustainable business relationships with carefully selected partners who share similar values and continually pursue innovation and technology.