Performix Q70

The selected profile, the processing method and the chosen components give robustness and a pleasant design to the Performix Q70 window.

Performix Q70 profile system proves consistent market orientation of GEALAN. The economic efficiency and optimisation of the use of materials were the core aspects considered in the construction of this 74 mm depth sealing system – for easier and more efficient processing by window manufacturers.


Advantages of Perfomix Q70

Construction depth

The 74 mm construction depth ensures very good thermal and acoustic insulation

Main chamber

Large-sized main chamber for supporting bulky steel stiffening

Geometry of profiles

Profile geometry based on the rational use of materials protects resources and thereby the environment

Single element

A single stiffener made of steel for the frame, sash and false mullion

Stability: large-scale planning

When developing the Performix Q70 system, particular attention was paid to the stability of the profiles. An appropriately high dimension was represented by the main chamber for supporting the steel stiffeners.

The result is a very high bending stiffness of standard reinforcements, which constitutes another advantage in terms of profile stability. Thus, there are no longer obstacles to the production of the large elements, and the window company can offer large-sized windows to customers.

  • The maximum height of the window elements depends on the width of the window and the resulting total surface area.
  • In the case of large-sized windows, the window elements are subjected to strong forces.
  • Stable steel stiffeners provide high flexural strength and enable the construction of large-sized windows.

Flexible structure with multiple chamber

Performix Q70 with 5 chambers

  • Excellent stability thanks to the stiffening of the steel at the level of the frame and the sash
  • Very easy to clean thanks to the large frame rim
  • Optional, available in built-in variant, with double tilting glaze mullion or in semi-built-in variant, with round glaze mullion

Performix Q70 with 6 chambers

  • Excellent thermal insulation thanks to the six chambers at the level of the frame and the sash
  • Very easy to clean thanks to the large frame rim
  • Optional, available in built-in variant, with double tilting glaze mullion or in semi-built-in variant, with round glaze mullion

Profile structure

Savings in house heating costs due to the Gealan S8000 profile structure, 6 insulation chambers


mm construction depth


It fits perfectly into the design of your home thanks to its varied range of colours.

Anthracite grey

Antique white

Cream foil

Golden oak



Technical Specifications

Profile Performix Q70
Construction depth 74 mm
Gaskets 2
Reinforcement 1,5 – 2 mm
Thermal insulation coefficients Uw up to 0.91 w/m2k
Sound proofing Rw – min: 30 – max 40 dB
Hardware Maco MULTI-MATIC with anti-burglary protection and microventilation
Handles Hoppe Secustik
Glazing package Guardian: 24 mm, 36 mm, 40 mm ( LowE+Argon )

Thermal transfer coefficient

Provides a thermal transfer coefficient Uw = 0.91 – 1.20 w/m2k

Sound proofing

High sound proofing, Performix Q70 window with Rw= min 30 – max 40dB


Top resistance offered by the 1.5-2 mm reinforcement used in all Performix products


Hardware is crucial for the insulation and soundproofing of the windows, as well as for the safety offered by them. That is precisely why VitraQ chose to work with Maco – Austria hardware, recognised for its high reliability and safety.

The hardware selected by VitraQ is a complete solution from Maco and stands out by:

  • Multiple adjustments, thus permanently ensuring the initial characteristics of the window
  • Corrosion resistance, with choice for products dedicated to high moisture areas
  • Enhanced anti-burglary security thanks to Maco’s fully deployed system
  • Standard equipment with system against wrong actuation
  • Standard equipment with microventilation


The main purpose of windows is to improve the quality of life in your home by natural light brightening and warming your home. Of course, all these are supported by high coefficients of thermal and acoustic insulation, any of the glazing packages used by UNIKAT are carefully selected.

The glazing packages offered by VitraQ meet diverse needs and wishes, depending on the particularities of your application:

  • High thermal insulation using Low-E glass, the one with SGG Planitherm solar control and Argon inert gas in the glazing package. In addition, the use of the Warmedge glazing strip improves significantly the thermal transfer coefficient
  • Sound insulation through specially designed packages to improve sound comfort
  • Ensuring privacy by using reflective glazing
  • Burglar-proof glazing by using the security elements in the glazing packages
  • Strengthens the design elements of your home with specific textures and colours

Special profiles - renovation frame

The renovation profile eliminates the repairs of the embrasures following the window installation. This frame is very useful when mounting the new joinery directly on the old frames, without dismantling the existing ones.

The renovation wing is available in several sizes.

GEALAN innovations for VitraQ Performix windows

Through our innovations, the GEALAN profiles for the VitraQ Performix windows feature higher degree of uniqueness in terms of appearance and function.

Thermal insulation

Remarkable coefficients of thermal insulation for windows and doors can be achieved by means of integrated insulation window profiles.


Acrylcolor – synonymous with proven reliability over decades. Complex production process for highly durable, coloured surfaces.


Air is life. GEALAN CAIRE® offers the healthiest solution for any type of construction. Full technology for optimal space.


GEALAN’s unique bonding technology enables the manufacture of large windows.