Performix Q100

Sistemul PerformixQ 100 system defines a new architectural language of PVC window shapes.

It revolutionises the PVC joinery industry and brings a new product to the forefront of the stakeholders interested in outstanding architectural structures. Brightness and transparency are significantly improved due to the large glass surfaces and the design is spectacular due to the modern lines and the specific colours of this product.


 Benefits of PerformixQ 100

Simplification of design

PerformixQ 100 system defines a new architectural language of PVC window shapes.

Rectangular and almost invisible shape

The system size is 100 mm

100 mm - the measure of everything

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing to remove.

Rectangular and almost invisible shape

The size of the system measures 100 mm, in the case of both the frame-sash combination and the false mullion. Thus, the false mullion and the lateral elements of the frame feature the same visible portion, which gives the viewer the feeling of symmetry and aesthetics

Flexibility in design offered by the window

Design-oriented, it offers architects maximum design opportunities and thus new perspectives. The window allows mounting in 3 different variants: 100% visible, semi-hidden or almost invisible frames. Certainly, any of these options will create remarkable visual effects!

Easy to maintain and clean

VitraQ Performix Q100 window also impresses from a practical point of view, namely through the ease with which it can be cleaned, due to the fluid contour of the frame.

100 mm – the measure of everything

  • No glazing strip
  • 100 mm depth and increased glazed surface at both the level of the frame-sash package and of the false mullion
  • High visibility from the inside
  • Clear contours

Profile structure

Exclusivity, unique design and top performance due to revolutionary profile


mm visible height of frame-sash


seals, intensive insulation with integrated foam, bonding of the pane to the sash, unique profile surface all in the standard version


It fits perfectly into the design of your home thanks to its varied range of colours.

They bring extra personality thanks to the bicolor configuration (outside/inside) all in the standard version. The solution allows the choice of a mix of colours suitable for both the minimalist exterior style and the desired interior design.

RAL 7015: Slate grey

RAL 7016: Anthracite grey

RAL 7040: Window grey

RAL 8014: Sepia brown

RAL 9007* similar silver


RAL 9005: Intense black

RAL 9016: Traffic white

RAL 7039: Quartz grey

Technical Specifications

Profile Performix Q100
Construction Depth 82.5 mm
Gaskets 3
Reinforcement 2 mm
Thermal insulation coefficients Uw of 0.76 w/m2k
Sound insulation Rw – min: 32 – max 44 dB
Hardware Maco MULTI-POWER features hidden hinges, anti-burglar protection, promo against wrong handle actuation and microventilation in the standard version
Handles Hoppe Secustik
Glaze package Guardian: 48 mm (LowE+Argon) + Warmedge in standard version

Thermal transfer coefficient

Provides a very low thermal transfer coefficient, Uw = 0.76 w/m2k

Sound proofing

Complete silence with Performix Q100 window, Rw = min 32 – max 44 dB


Top resistance offered by the 2 mm reinforcement used at the Performix Q100 window for high structural rigidity


The hardware used in the Performix Q100 by VitraQ window completes its innovative package. The Maco MULTI-Power system features a number of benefits that support the end product:

It offers the possibility of obtaining a rectangular appearance inside due to hidden hinges

The system does not create thermal bridges, does not favour condensation and does not interrupt the contact between the gasket and the frame on the entire contour of the window

The system can be configured to be classified in the RC3 safety class

The Performix Q100 by VitraQ window equipped with Maco MULTI-Power now allows opening at 100 degrees

Extremely corrosion resistant hardware thanks to optional TRICOAT-PLUS finish


The glazing packages offered by VitraQ meet diverse needs and wishes, depending on the particularities of your application:

  • High thermal insulation using Low-E glass, the one with SGG Planitherm solar control and Argon inert gas in the glazing package.
  • In addition, the use of the Warmedge glazing strip improves significantly the thermal transfer coefficient
  • Sound insulation through specially designed packages to improve sound comfort
  • Ensuring privacy by using anti-burglary reflective glazing
    Burglar-proof glazing by using the security elements in the glazing packages
  • Strengthens the design elements of your home with specific textures and colours

GEALAN innovations for VitraQ Performix windows

Through our innovations, the GEALAN profiles for the VitraQ Performix windows feature higher degree of uniqueness in terms of appearance and function.

Thermal insulation

Remarkable coefficients of thermal insulation for windows and doors can be achieved by means of integrated insulation window profiles.


Acrylcolor – synonymous with proven reliability over decades. Complex production process for highly durable, coloured surfaces.


Air is life. GEALAN CAIRE® offers the healthiest solution for any type of construction. Full technology for optimal space.


GEALAN’s unique bonding technology enables the manufacture of large windows.