Naturis AluTherm 

Naturis AluTherm aluminium wooden window of 108 mm thick, three pane double-glazed package, manufactured for a very high level of thermal and acoustic insulation with the possibility to be equipped with burglar-proof glazing. The aluminium wooden window is, in our opinion, a very popular window lately, especially for its very high durability.

Naturis AluTherm laminated wood window is the ideal solution for:  

  • dwelling houses with a high degree of thermal insulation
  • hotels, boarding houses;
  • hotels, boarding houses;

Benefits of Naturis AluTherm

Nature friendly

Close to nature, to you and to your child’s future

We guarantee your safety

Your safety is above all

Energy saving

We do everything so you can make savings


108 mm


Wood: A multitude of finishes and all RAL colours

Aluminium: standard finishes or RAL colours


  • MACO hardware
  • tilt and turn or simple openings
  • visible hinges
  • cover caps of handle colour


  • Hoppe Secustik or Swing
  • colours: matte titanium, bronze, gold, white


Rw 43 (+-2) dB


Tested against theft


3 pane double-glazed package Ug 0.50 W / m2k


2 sealing gaskets – on request 3 gaskets. Optimal wind, rain and dust tightness


Pine, Larch, Meranti, Oak, Accoya

Wooden finishes

Each wood species can be finished in different colours (wood finishes). Finishing for woodworking can be divided into two categories:

  • transparent finishes – the wood fibre is visible;
  • opaque finishes – the wood fibre is not visible (RAL pallet colours)

Window handles

If we think of handles as having only a visual role it should be known that the gear you open, close and tilt every day makes your wooden window more reliable. Therefore, window handles should match both the wood colour of the window frame and your lifestyle.

The window handles bring extra elegance to the wooden windows. There are a lot of window handles on the market, but we’ve made a minimal selection for you to get inspired.