PVC profiles

Appropriate profile system for your projects

Advantages of VitraQ Performixprofiles

We develop and produce the most innovative profile systems and solutions for windows and doors.


VitraQ Performix PVC profile windows are easy to maintain. High resistance to environmental and atmospheric influences leads to a long service life.


The choice of the geometry of the profiles, the type of opening and the division of the windows influences the individual character. Less common window shapes can also be manufactured through VitraQ Performix profiles.


Multi-room VitraQ Performix profile windows ensure indoor heat retention and avoid noise penetration. They provide safety, protection and create a distinctive atmosphere.


Depending on the concept and the style of construction, the modern technique of execution of windows can be achieved not only in white but also in Acrylcolor, as well as with decorative or wood grain foils.

Performix Qprofiles

Profiles for the most demanding requirements

VitraQ Performix Q Slide

Performance sliding systems

GEALAN innovations for VitraQ Performixwindows

Through our innovations, the GEALAN profiles for the VitraQ Performix windows feature higher degree of uniqueness in terms of appearance and function.

Thermal insulation

Remarkable coefficients of thermal insulation for windows and doors can be achieved by means of integrated insulation window profiles.


Acrylcolor – synonymous with proven reliability over decades. Complex production process for highly durable, coloured surfaces.


Air is life. GEALAN CAIRE® offers the healthiest solution for any type of construction. Full technology for optimal space.


GEALAN’s unique bonding technology enables the manufacture of large windows.

At VitraQ, we build not only high-performance products but also sustainable business relationships with carefully selected partners who share similar values and continually pursue innovation and technology.