Our partners

At VitraQ, we build not only high-performance products but also sustainable business relationships with carefully selected partners who share similar values and continually pursue innovation and technology.

In order to deliver the brand’s promise regarding products and services and to offer the best experience and quality guarantee to our customers, we have chosen to work only with leading manufacturers in Europe and more, in terms of supplying raw materials for PVC, aluminium and wood joinery with thermal insulating glass pane we manufacture.

Trusted partners for sustainable collaborations

The PVC profiles that make up VitraQ windows and doors are manufactured by the German company Gealan , ne of the most innovative PVC profile manufacturers in the world and by the Belgian company Aliplast , one of the largest aluminium profile manufacturers in the world.

The hardware, a very important element of VitraQ windows and doors, is produced by the German company Maco, with the longest experience in the production of window and door hardware, and the handles are supplied by HOPPE Italia, the world’s number one manufacturer of handles.

In addition, the glass used for the production of thermal insulating glazing is supplied by the glass world manufacturer Guardian.


GEALAN company group belongs to the main PVC profile manufacturers for windows and doors in Europe.


Aliplast is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium profiles in the world, with representation in Europe, North America and Asia.


Guardian Group has 18,000 employees, with operations in 25 countries on five continents, with the goal of continuous innovation.


Hoppe Group, with its seven production units and representation in Europe, the USA and Asia, is one of the world leaders of the hardware industry.


Maco Group is one of the leading hardware companies in Europe with a technology center in Salzburg.