Wooden profiles

Appropriate profile system for your projects

Advantages of VitraQ Naturisprofiles

We develop and produce the most innovative profile systems and solutions for windows and doors.

Energy efficiency

The comfort and elegance of Naturis wood products are comparable to that of premium products offered by new technologies, made of PVC and aluminium. Moreover, the technical characteristics such as the sound and thermal transfer coefficient are superior, there are no condensation problems even at large temperature differences (especially in winter) between the outside and the inside.


Naturis windows and doors are custom-made from laminated wood, are environmentally friendly, as throughout the entire technological process, starting with wood and ending with the Renner water-based lacquer, we use only certified raw materials and auxiliary materials, which do not contain toxic substances.


Continuous research, accumulated experience, Rozenheim certified raw materials, high technology (CNC) and the quality of our wooden windows and doors made possible the collaboration with the governmental association GTZ Germany.

Elegance and technology

The range of colours is unlimited and may coincide with even the most sophisticated design matching anyone’s style and taste.
Semi-finished products laminated from different species (pine, spruce, meranti, oak, ash, eucalyptus) are used in the manufacture of Naturis laminated wood windows and doors, the profile being obtained from finger joining the elements and three-layer bonding in hydraulic presses with D4 ecological adhesives process certified by IFT Rozenheim.


Performance system of wooden profiles.


Naturis doors

Safety and elegance offered by Naturis doors


Whether there’s sun, wind, rain, snow, hail, your house needs wooden shutters to ensure style and protection.

Naturisshutters, in addition to instilling style and protection to your home, also bring extra security to your privacy. Any wooden window normally requires somewhat mandatory protection, which can be provided by laminated wooden shutters.

At VitraQ, we build not only high-performance products but alsosustainable business relationships with carefully selected partners who share similar values and continually pursue innovation and technology.